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5 March 1990
United States
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90s music, abortion, addiction, alanis morissette, america's next top model, animal planet, anorexia nervosa, anti-fatphobia, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-transphobia, art, artwork, asylum challenge, atheism, blood elf, books, business socks, caffeine pills, candles, chris rock, chuck palahniuk, cleaning, clearance shopping, cooking, cursive, dance dance revolution, david bowie, demetri martin, drow, ea games, eating disorders, edgar allan poe, espresso, exercise, fat acceptance, feminism, ffx, fireflies, flight of the conchords, florida, forever amber, free time, freetime, games, garbage, george carlin, girl interrupted, grammar, guitar, hard candy, horde, house, hugh laurie, johnny depp, kelli ali, law & order: svu, legacy challenge, liberal, linkin park, livejournal, long hair, lyrics, marya hornbacher, memoirs, mental health, mental illness, models, modthesims2.com, muse, mythbusters, mythology, names, national novel writing month, nature, nightlife, nl, ofb, open for business, pacifist, placebo, poetry, pokemon, politics, postsecret, pro-choice, ps2, psychology, rainbows, raw food, reading, roses, sailor moon, sarah mclachlan, seduction, self-destruction, sensuality, sex, shimmer, silver, sims 2, sims 3, skirts, sleeping naked, snapdragons, staying up late, storms, strawberries, sunsets, sylvia plath, tauren, the colbert report, the sims, vanessa carlton, vegan, vegetarianism, vintage, welsh, world of warcraft, wow, writing, xkcd, zero7

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